Monday, May 3, 2010

I am done apologizing

(But with apologies to Hootenannie for swiping this idea from her blog!)

-For being tall.

-For not being “girly” enough. 

-For being messy.

-For attempting to get people who once were integral parts of my life back there.

-For offending people with my statements of faith and that my faith may not measure up to their conventional definition.

-For not liking every person I meet.

-For not putting up a Christmas tree.

-For still crying when I miss my mama.

-For staying on Facebook often.

-For being lazy quite often.

-For having such a huge heart.

-For not being “sweet.”

-For not really understanding when people waffle on plans for no real good reason.

-For life being sometimes so frustrating I often need help figuring it out (or just someone to listen to me rant about my frustration).

-For not being perfect and failing often.

-For being somewhat anal and very OCD about many things.

-For loving fiercely and loyally and telling people exactly how I feel and what’s on my heart very often.

-For being honest.
-For things that really aren't my fault.
-For being loud and somewhat abrasive at times (even when I don’t mean to be).
-For taking my time to sometimes be “done” with certain things (and people) and for being slow to give up and give in.

Where's your list? (It's honestly quite liberating to make one!!)