Friday, December 30, 2011


I wrote this at Northeast for the girl who lived across the hall from me on Murphy Hall third floor. She taught me a lot about friendship during that semester. All these years later, she is still teaching me about friendship because she is still my friend!

Being a friend
Is not just the things you do
Nor the things you say
Being a friend
Is not counted in monetary terms
Nor taken for granted
Being a friend
Is not as beneficial as it is necessary
But being a friend
Is a wide variety of things
Packed together with love
And distributed when needed most.


Another college era angst poem. Funny, I'm still asking some of these same questions about different people

Do things really last forever
Or do they gradually fade away?
Can I count on you tomorrow
Or just long for you today?
Is our friendship just a mem'ry
Something old that once had meaning?
Or is it lying dormant
Just waiting for the gleaning?
Are the tears I shed for nothing?
Have you turned away, cold?
Or were the feelings we once shared
For something else you've sold?
Do I have to hurt forever?
Does my heart just have to break?
Bit if you;d only offer
A second chance I'd take.
I know this is sentimental
And it sounds like you don't care.
But if mem'ry serves me right
You said you'd always be there.
Though these words are only symbols
Of the way I really feel
And the pain inside seems endless
It's not impossible to heal.


This one definitely was written during high school

The artist
Takes his brush
And brings to life
A bare, white
The colors dance
Across the board
And form the
Images in the
Of the Painter.
And the deepest, most
Thoughts and feelings
Of his soul.
The artist smiles
His painting
The true person
Without saying one

I used to wish I was an artist
And could draw things exactly
As I see them.
But in a way I
Am an artist
For I write things
Exactly as I feel them.

For Carol

I wrote this sometime during my senior year at Mississippi University for Women.

If I could I'd paint a rainbow
Every day up in the sky
To help to make you happy
Or comfort you when you cray.
To remind you that you're not alone
And to let you know I care
On those rare and far-between times
When I just can't be there.
But I'm not much of an artist
And rainbows just don't last.
Bad times just have to come
Though we try and keep them in the past.
But true friends are friends forever
Whether near or far away.
And the times we share together.
Are like rainbows every day.