Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting for the rain

“I will bless my people and their homes around my holy hill. And in the proper season I will send the showers they need. There will be showers of blessing.” Ez. 34:26 NLT

Remember when you were a small child and the anticipation of Christmas you would begin to feel as the season approached?

For me, it would begin not long after the last bits of trick-or-treat candy had been eaten. I would begin talking about Christmas on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until Thanksgiving. Once that holiday was celebrated and December started, the thought of Christmas would begin to consume me. I could not wait to see what Santa would bring me Christmas Eve and was so excited about spending the holiday with my loved ones there were nights when I could hardly sleep at night.

Christmas was all I thought about.

The other day I filled in for our receptionist at work. While seated at her desk, I noticed a calendar that contains a daily Bible verse. The verse for the particular day was Ez. 34:26. Reading it, I literally wanted to shout in the lobby of the Corinth School District Administrative Office building.

For months I have felt a real stirring of the Holy Spirit within me. It’s as if I knew He was working on my life although I couldn’t cite specific areas that were receiving His touch.

I had prayed months before that God would make my heart more pliable and teachable. As the old adage states, be careful what you pray for cause you just might get it. Well, I have gotten it in large doses. My heart has literally felt like it has been made of modeling clay lately. I have found myself crying at times for no seemingly particular reason. I have felt a longing in my heart for something yet I can’t put into words what exactly that “something” really is. And I’ve felt a literal shift going on within my life.

Is it complete? No. Has all this activity going on within me been frustrating to me? Yes. Do I totally understand what changes I may have to face in the future? No. But can I see God working on my life? Without a doubt!

God has been strategically placing people and situations in my life over the course of the past year or so. Some of them I have literally struggled with understanding their role in this ever changing canvas. A couple of them I have even tried to physically remove from my life. Thankfully they are wiser and a little more mature than I am and have patiently stood firm and refused to move – no matter how hard I have pushed.

Not only has God placed new people in my path to take my hand and guide me along or just to cheer me on, He has reunited me with people who haven’t had an active part in my life for decades. Some haven’t been around for like, well, eons. But they’re here now and filling important roles in my life.

Just llike we used to anticipate Christmas time’s arrival as a small child, we will now together await the proper season when God will send the shower we need.

I know it will truly be a shower of blessings.


Pam D said...

Kim, I just want you to know that I've seen Him working in your life for several years now, in a mighty way. I think it's wonderful that He already had a strong presence in you when your world went haywire last year. How could you have ever survived it without Him there? Without the support system with which He so lovingly surrounded you? I suppose you would have physically made it (maybe), but the bitterness would have been crippling. Oh, He loves you very much; I can see His finger writing things in your life on a regular basis. And I must say that it is very cool to watch! I do love you, Kim Jobe...

Melissa said...

wow, that was great. a shining light for me, because I knew something was going on. I hope I am not one of those you have tried to get rid of, although I have felt maybe I was. But i'm not going easily. I love you Kim Jobe!!

Jobie said...

Stop it, Melissa Allen! You're stuck with me! It's just crazy in my life right now!! Hang tight with me and know that I love you dearly!! Quit anticipating stuff!! Decolores!

Jobie said...

Thank you, Mo!! I do love you too ... always have, always will!