Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

My sister and I went to visit my nephew and his family up in Kentucky over the Labor Day weekend. While I was putting my stuff in my bag to come back home, my great niece, Taylor, and I had the following conversation. Keep in mind she is just barely 6 - but pretty sharp for that age.

Taylor: "I got you something at a yard sale the other day." (Holding her hand out with an object in it).

Me: "Awww ... that's a cute little cat! Thank you!"

Taylor: "You're welcome. See, whenever you want a baby, all you have to do is look at this."

Me: Speechless at first. "Well, OK. Thank you for thinking of me!"

I tried to set the cat down on the bed where I was going to leave it (I'm not quite convinced it actually belonged to her. She likes to make up stories to go along with objects around her).

Taylor: "You have to put it in your bag and make sure you take it home with you!"

Me: "I will put it in my pocket so it won't get broken." (Planning to leave it upstairs before I went downstairs).

But I forgot. So the cat sits on my desk at work right now. I brought it with me to share the story because I think it is so cute. I don't know what her reasoning is for telling me that when I wanted a baby to look at the glass cat. Maybe she thinks I'm so good with Owen that I need a baby. Or maybe she figures my life is incomplete without one.

Little does she know that I really don't want a baby. Especially not at this season in my life.

I think a few of my co-workers are a bit leery of the little animal. One of them calls it a "fertility cat."

I think I will leave it there for a few days just to make 'em a bit more nervous!


Pam D said...

I'm not even sure what to say to that, beyond commenting on how perceptive children really are. Perhaps the fact that you were trying to figure out how to smuggle the baby out in your luggage didn't escape unnoticed by this sweet little girl? What a kind heart she has.. and who knows what things God has whispered in her ear! hee!
(and how funny.. my word verification, the nonsensical word that I have to type in to make this comment post? Is ovestion.. perhaps an ovulation question? What IS up here?)

Jobie said...

I am NOT having a baby!! Trust me - it can't happen (without Divine intervention!)!!!
Taylor said so many funny things this weekend. Im gonna have to keep paper/pen nearby when I go back to visit in a few weeks!

Earleene said...

She is quite the little precocious lady isn't she? Just in case Kim, don't stare at it too long. :-)