Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost in "Lost"

I fell in love with "Lost" from the very first episode.

With that said, I have understood little about the show since the first episode. But I still love it. And I've seen every single episode to date - some of them twice.

Now that I don't have cable in the 'hood, I have to watch it a day - sometimes two or three - later. But even that arrangement is OK.

I'd hoped more of my Facebook friends would discuss the episodes from week to week. I've decided they are about as as confused about the final season as I am.

Sawyer is probably my favorite character. I cried when Juliet died and I'm not ashamed to admit that. I thought her character was awesome. Many people think Jin and Sun are boring - I don't. Jack and Kate get on my last nerve. Ben and Locke just annoy me but I understand how integral they are to the storyline so I don't complain too much about them. I'd date Hurley in real life if he existed - and lived in the Crossroads area.

Because of "Lost," I've managed to break out and watch some other shows I might not otherwise have even given a shot - "Firefly," "Fringe," "Flash Forward" to name a few. Maybe I just like odd shows whose names begin with an F, I dunno,

I could go on and on about "Lost" but I won't. I may write more toward the end of the season.

Or I might not.

Please feel free to post your comments about the show! I'd love to read them - and know I'm not alone on the island!!

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Claire said...

My husband, son, and I all are big Lost fans too. I have liked that, from the very beginning, the writers seemed to want to get across to their audience that everyone has a story of how we came to be who we are today whether that is boring, odd, annoying, dynamic, passive, or whatever.

We often forget that the same is true for the people around us everyday. You know, the person at work that really gets under you skin on a regular basis, the person at church that seems to have no personality, the weirdo you see at Walmart every Tuesday evening. Maybe we look a little odd from their perspective.

The Island seem to provide a place where the characters have to spend time in reflection of where they've been in life, how they got there, will they stay the same, will they change, and if they change, will they change for positive or negative?

This long-running sci-fi show has helped me to do the same. And, I think I'm better for having watched what appears on the surface to be, a silly network show.