Friday, December 30, 2011


Another college era angst poem. Funny, I'm still asking some of these same questions about different people

Do things really last forever
Or do they gradually fade away?
Can I count on you tomorrow
Or just long for you today?
Is our friendship just a mem'ry
Something old that once had meaning?
Or is it lying dormant
Just waiting for the gleaning?
Are the tears I shed for nothing?
Have you turned away, cold?
Or were the feelings we once shared
For something else you've sold?
Do I have to hurt forever?
Does my heart just have to break?
Bit if you;d only offer
A second chance I'd take.
I know this is sentimental
And it sounds like you don't care.
But if mem'ry serves me right
You said you'd always be there.
Though these words are only symbols
Of the way I really feel
And the pain inside seems endless
It's not impossible to heal.

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