Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Precious Memories

Although I never met my great-grandmother, Ada Jobe, I'd like to think that I am alot like her in lots of ways. I own the 30 acres where her home used to live and there are daylillies growing there each spring, offspring of the original ones my great-grandfather planted for her.
Several years ago, desiring to have a bit of the "homeplace" at our home, Daddy transplanted some there. I love coming home from work and finding them growing in the jungle that I now call MY yard. So much so that I HAD to share a photo of one here!

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Michelle said...

This little piece actually made me think of my grandmother that practically raised me as I lived with her five years of my life. She is the reason I can cook, clean, and sew. As I drive by her house on the way to church, it tugs at my heart strings to think of the empty house that was once so full of love, laughter, toils, and heartbreak. The flowers are still there to remind me of the love and patience she bestowed upon me.