Friday, June 27, 2008

You've gotta be kidding me!!

I've never wanted to be a celebrity! I don't think I could stand living life in a fishbowl like that. But I enjoy keeping up with the likes of Laura Linney, Kristin Chenoweth, Alec Baldwin ... yep, I like my celebrities a little less controversial.

In order to keep up with the Pitts and other famous folks, I tend to read People magazine and tune in to "Entertainment Tonight" from time to time. Sometimes I literally laugh out loud when I read or see some crazy antic a celebrity, pseudo-celebrity or wannabe pulls. A segment on tonight's ET, though, made me scream - YOU GOTTA BE KDDING ME! - after hearing it. It seems little Suri Cruise is celebrating her second birthday and her parents threw a little shindig for it. ET reported that the price tag was reportedly $100,000. Get outta here! What did they do, hire Barnum & Bailey to bring the big top to their backyard? Geez, the kid is two! Two! She hasn't been eating solid food for very long and they're spending that kind of money on a birthday party. Sadly, one that she won't even remember!! At this rate, will they drop a cool mil on her Sweet 16?

Although I totally realize it's really none of my business what someone spends on their child for their birthday, some things just seem, well, a bit excessive. Craziness, just craziness!

And I had to comment on it publically!

Lemme know what you spent on your kid's 2nd birthday! Or lay some memories on my that you have of your own second birthday party! I'm sure I had a cake and that it was chocolate (had I been old enough, I woulda asked for white cake and chocolate icing!!).


kristi lee said...

Um. . .we maybe spent $50 on the actual "party" and not even that much on his presents. Some people blow my mind with what they do for 1st and 2nd b-days.

Michelle said...

On Tuesday "breaking news" on MSNBC was that Angelina had checked herself into the hospital. Give me a break !!!!